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We are here to introduce you to our selection of products and help you choose your personal Shaktipan.

All our Handpans are made with the artisanal method and available in different materials and sizes to guarantee the best vibrations and can be tuned at 440 hz or 432 hz.


You can choose between 2 different types of materials:  Nitrurated Steel or Stainless steel.

The Nitrurated Steel

The steel is a material that allows you to create an instrument with great tuning stability and a warm clear sound. It must be protected with a special oil to avoid the formation of rust points, especially if played in humid environments.

It is the most recommended for percussionists with a fast and decisive hand.

The Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel is a suitable material to provide an instrument with very long sound/sustain and vibration.

It has less risk of oxidization, but must be played with more sweetness and gentle touch.

It is recommended for those who love to play gently and is highly appreciated by those who practice yoga and meditation.

Ember Steel

Ember steel shells are made by Ayasa company, with the deepdraw technique, it’s a material that allows you to create an instrument with great tuning stability, soft touch and incredible sustain.

In this case we have no rust problems, but it must still be protected with oil to avoid small oxidations spots.

This material is recommended for those who love to play softly and want to feel long vibrations, the metallic touch of the finger on the instrument is not perceived.

Shaktipan measurements

Ø 54 cm – Classic model

Ø 50 cm – Model designed for those who want to have a less bulky tool with them.


You can choose from the scales presented on this site. 

Or we can create custom scales to order with the possibility of adding further notes on the lower dome.

The very low scales are made exclusively on the 54 cm size due to space requirements.

Discover the tuning scales for your Shaktipan. 

If you wish to buy a Shaktipan contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the right instrument for you.

Sound waves frequency and tuning 440 hz or 432 hz

Sounds and music are composed of vibrations as is the whole universe and the unit of measurement of these vibrations is Hertz (Hz). The sound waves are vibrations which have a frequency between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz and can be perceived by the human ear. While all of today’s music standards are 440HZ, the harmonic frequency of the universe vibrates at 432hz.

440 HZ

In the universally recognized standard music system, the note “A”, in the central octave, is the note that is taken as a reference for tuning an instrument and corresponds to 440 Hz, just as established by tuners and tuning forks. As we have already said, almost all the music we listen to today, except for very rare experimental or conscious exceptions, is based on this intonation.


The 432 Hz make up what is called Love frequency which is, according to the philosophy pursued by several scholars, the vibration of the universe. This frequency is connected to the 4th chakra, that of the heart and feeling and resonates with our cells. Listening to music tuned to 432hz promotes relaxation and a sense of deep calm. It helps manage stress, stimulates a natural psychophysical balance and produces general well-being at the level of our body-mind-Consciousness system.

With 432hz tuning we more easily resonate with the nature around us and with the world inside us. This type of tuning is in fact the most loved by fans of yoga, meditation and spiritual practices in general.


Handpan 9 total notes in NITRURATED STEEL: 1500 euro

Handpan 9 total notes in STAINLESS STEEL: 1600 euro.

Handpan 9 total notes in EMBER STEEL: 1650 euro.

The price does not vary based on the size of the instrument.

The cost of each additional note is 120 euros.

Bags: You can buy a protective bag together with your instrument at a cost of 80 euros. (photo and description)

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