Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy in motion, it is the conscious power of transformation, it is the female force behind creation.

What is a Handpan

The Handpan is an idiophone musical instrument, circular in circumference, consisting of two overlapping domes which are played by percussion with the hands, hence the name. Around the year 2000, the first Handpan called Hang Drum was born.

How a Handpan is made

The Handpan is composed of 2 domes glued one on top of the other which creates a resonance chamber inside. It has a diameter that varies between 50 and 54 cm, a height of 22 cm and a weight of approximately 4.5 kg in total. On the upper part are the notes, which represent the varieties of sound.

How it sounds

Being a hand percussion instrument, the handpan must be played with the hands. Normally it is placed on the legs, but there are also those who prefer the use of a stand or support, especially if played from a standing position. A few taps of the fingers will be enough to let its harmonious sound begin to vibrate.

Shakti is the creative power of vibration, dynamic force moves through the whole universe.

Music and sound are aspects of Shakti, capable of creating suggestions, images and emotional states that represent the creative power of vibration and its ability to open our hearts, to harmonize between the body, mind and spirit and to transform us internally.

The therapeutic power of the handpan

Handpan music can be considered therapeutic and capable of transporting us to a new dimension.
It embodies a power capable of rebalancing us not only on a psychophysical level, but also on an energetic level. This is why Handpan is often used during Yoga and Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, music and sound therapy sessions. Its sound favors the natural relaxation of the body, the calm and mental concentration and the elevation of energy and with it also comes also awareness.

Sound as an inner experience

If we are very careful we can feel a whole universe of sound vibrate within us, touch the subtle strings of our soul and with this vibration we can resonate and start to flow naturally with life.

Handcrafted handpan,
produced with passion.

Shaktipan instruments are entirely handmade products, handmade in Italy, with passion and careful attention to detail, to ensure the best vibrations.

In each instrument we put all our knowledge and personal experience to offer you a unique product of its kind.

Shakti Pan the sound of the universe in your hands.

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